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Best No Deposit Bonuses for Australia in 2021: Places to Get Sign-Up Bonuses

The gambling market of Australia is described by experts as a highly promising and rapidly growing one. An increasing number of online casinos results in higher competitiveness, which, in turn, makes existing gaming platforms invent new ways to attract players. Casino bonuses are an effective marketing tool, which helps a gambling site stand out from the crowd. No deposit casino welcome bonus offers are extremely popular, as they allow players to test a casino and win real money prizes with no investment.

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No Deposit Casino Bonuses Explanation

No deposit bonuses are provided by some online casinos to new players after the registration. For this reason, they are also called sign-up bonuses. Various Aussie casinos offer either cash bonuses or free spins to all newcomers. These bonuses can be used to play popular free Aussie pokies. If you manage to complete the wagering requirements, you can take your winning and even withdraw it! But even if you don't, a sign-up bonus still gives you the possibility of testing the casino's features for absolutely no money.

What Are No Deposit Bonus Codes and Where Can I Find Them?

In many casinos, you can find no deposit bonus codes on the Promotion page. Typically, a code consists of letters and/or digits, for example, SIGNUP. Their mechanism of action is easy to understand. If you do want to take advantage of the bonus, you need to enter the appropriate code in a special field in the registration form. Alternatively, you may choose not to use this option. In this case, you should just leave the field empty. Keep in mind that some casinos provide sign-up bonuses automatically to all new players with no possibility to opt-out. 

Real Money Casino Wins with No Deposit Bonuses

Well, we’ve made it clear that you can play certain casino games using sign-up bonuses. But can you win real money without making a deposit? While the terms and conditions vary from one gaming site to another, at some casinos, it is really possible to win cash by using a no deposit bonus. However, there are some important things to be considered.

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  • Various casinos can provide sign-up in various forms: cash, free spins, or free gaming time. Sometimes (quite rarely) a casino can provide more than one bonus at a time, for example, 10 free spins and $10 in cash.
  • Check what games are eligible. In most cases, no deposit bonuses are used to promote just one pokie or games from a particular provider. Other games are not eligible.
  • Keep in mind that all types of bonuses come with certain wagering requirements. You can use your prize after you fulfill these requirements. For example, with the requirements 20x, you need to play through the bonus 20 times in a row. 

All things taken together, winning real money with the help of a no deposit bonus is possible. That said, you need to read the terms and conditions of the casino to make sure you’ll be able to withdraw the winning or use it for placing bets.

What Is the Difference between Different Types of Casino No Deposit Bonuses

One must be aware of the fact that casino no deposit bonuses do not always come in the form of cash. All Australian casino no deposit bonus can be divided into three groups. Usually, you can find a detailed description of the bonus pack on the Promo page of the casino. Let's have a closer look at each group.

Cash No Deposit Bonuses

A cash bonus comes in the form of real money credited to your balance. The amount provided for registration is, typically, not large – somewhat around 15 or 30 dollars. Importantly, you can’t just take the money and withdraw it to the card. However, you can use it to play one or several casino games. If you manage to fulfill the playthrough requirements, you can invest your winning in gaming or even withdraw it! The terms and conditions, as well as withdrawal limits, vary from one casino to another.

Free Spin No Deposit Bonuses

Many players say free spins no deposit bonuses are their favorite form of sign-up bonuses. This bonus gives the possibility of spinning the reel of a slot machine for free. Though you pay no money for spins, the winnings are real. Free spins are also provided with certain wagering requirements to fulfill. 

Free Time No Deposit Bonuses

This no deposit bonus is sort of unusual; however, some casinos still offer it. Instead of cash or free rounds, a player gets free minutes of gaming. In the framework of these free minutes, the gamers can place bets for absolutely free. Of course, he must fulfill the rollover requirements (which are pretty high) to take his winning.

The types and amounts of no deposit bonuses are different in various Australian online casinos. It seems unbelievable, but some casinos even provide bonuses with no wagering requirements! Irrespective of what kind of bonus you select, you get a great opportunity of testing a casino without the need of making a deposit.

How Do Casinos Gain by Providing No Deposit Bonuses?

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Online gaming is among the most profitable businesses around. The primary goal of any e-casino is to make money. If so, why do they provide bonuses to new users who haven’t invested anything in gaming yet? However, if we delve a bit more deeply, we’ll see that this approach makes sense. Here are the main reasons why casinos provide no deposit bonuses.

  • Any no deposit bonus is a powerful marketing tool. It helps attract customers. Yes, many of them leave the casino as soon as they play through their bonuses. But a good share of newcomers turn into loyal customers and bring a good profit in the future. 
  • Bonuses are not gifts. Yes, they give the possibility of playing online pokies free. That being said, few players are able to fulfill the wagering requirements. Even if they do, the maximum cashout amount is always limited. Normally, you can’t withdraw more than 50 or 100 dollars. Some casinos force you to make a deposit to unlock your winning. 
  • The level of competition in the sphere of online gambling is extremely high. Numerous casinos fight for customers. No deposit bonuses act as a tool, which helps a casino stand out from the crowd. 

No casino will ever operate a loss. That said, players can benefit from using no deposit bonuses as well. By using a bonus, you don't lose anything while getting a real chance of winning real money. For software providers, no deposit bonuses are a way to promote new products. Casinos, in turn, get new customers by providing bonuses. Win-win!

Benefits and Drawbacks of No Deposit Online Casino Bonuses

It goes without saying that no deposit bonuses have a lot to be loved for. However, nothing is perfect in the world, and, like anything else, these bonuses have both positive and negative sides. Let's figure out the benefits and drawbacks of this type of casino offers.

Benefits of no deposit bonuses:

  • Availability. Sign-up bonuses are available to anyone for free. You don’t need to invest a single cent to get a bonus. This is their real benefit if compared to welcome and reload bonuses.
  • Free game testing. Various software providers regularly launch new games for PC and mobile platforms – smartphones and tablets. We don’t know whether we like a game or not until we play it. Sign up bonuses allow us to try new real money pokies with no deposit.
  • Free casino testing. That’s no secret that many new casinos provide no deposit bonuses. By doing so, they give us a perfect opportunity to test their software and features with no need to deposit funds.

Drawbacks of no deposit bonuses:

  • Wagering requirements are hard to fulfill. For example, if you get $10 under the wagering requirements of 30x, you need to place bets totaling $300. This goal is not so easy to achieve.
  • No deposit bonuses are small. You rarely can expect to get more than $20-25. This is too little to enjoy gaming at full.
  • The max cashout sum is, usually, no more than 50-100 dollars. No matter how much you win, you can withdraw just a fixed small sum.
  • You can’t choose any game to play with a no deposit bonus. As a rule, these bonus offers to cover a particular game or games by a particular provider. 

As you see, despite certain downsides, no deposit bonuses do work, and thousands of Australians take advantage of them. Of course, they are not intended to be a tool for major winnings. However, at least, they allow you to assess an online casino quickly and decide whether you want to stay here or not.

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What Games Are Available to Those Using No Deposit Bonuses

Before creating an account and using no deposit bonus codes in Australia, it makes sense to check what particular games you can play with the bonus. As a rule, gambling platforms use sign-up bonuses to promote certain products. This may be one game or all games from one software provider. Along with popular titles, casinos can promote new or unknown games, which means you get a good opportunity of trying them for free. Frequently, special bonuses are offered by Australian mobile casinos – with the purpose of promoting mobile games.

As a rule, no deposit bonuses cover exclusively online pokies. This is especially true for free spins, which are intended for playing only slot games. Cash bonuses sometimes can be used for playing other games, such as poker.

Bonus Terms and Conditions: Things to Know

Some players make a mistake when they ignore the Terms and Conditions of the promo campaign. Though in most cases, there's no need to read all the items thoroughly, there are, at least, some points to consider.

Wagering Requirements

We’ve already touched upon the importance of wagering requirements, but it makes sense to stress it out once again. Some casinos tend to make the requirements unreasonably high. For example, the rollover requirements of 50x or 60x are just non-realistic, as it’s almost impossible to fulfill them. Meanwhile, a wagering requirement of 10x looks pretty good.

Cashout Limits

If a casino claims the prize you win with the help of a no deposit bonus is cashable, check what maximum amount you can withdraw. In the vast majority of cases, there is an upper limit – usually, it doesn’t exceed 100 dollars. Keep in mind that casinos never operate at a loss!

Bonus Expiry Date

It may happen that you don’t use your bonus immediately after registration. In this case, you are risking to lose it. Bonus offers are limited in time. Moreover, when activated, a bonus must be used within a certain term. Find this information in the Terms and Conditions in advance.

Eligible Games

We have already mentioned this fact: with a no deposit bonus, you can’t choose any game to play. Make sure you know what games are covered with the bonus offer you are going to take advantage of. This information is, typically, available on the Promo page, but you’d better check it once again in the Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about no deposit casino bonuses?

no deposit bonus casino australia

A no deposit or sign-up bonus is a so-called "compliment" or advance payment to newly registered casino users. These bonuses are provided immediately after signing up for the casino site for free. Gamers can use no deposit bonuses for playing real money games.

What are the types of no deposit bonuses?

There are two main forms of them: cash and free spins. Some casinos also provide free gaming time as a bonus.

Can I withdraw the winning?

It depends on the casino’s terms and conditions. Usually, you can, but the max cashout is limited.

Are Australian casinos legal?

Yes, they are. You don’t break laws by playing in a licensed Aussie casino.